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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

All food should be taxed so containers are recycled

'Go Green! 'we promote a sustainable, healthy, ethical, socially conscious lifestyle causing the least harm to our planet,others. This would greatly lesson what ends up in trash and land fills if we were made compostable it. All trash cans should be heat activated so biodegrade trash. Should contain separate holes for glass, plastic, metal so just trash goes in can. Compost bins where people could dump their organic waste like veggies and fruits should frequent towns too. Everyone is effected byclimate change and harmful effects to our planet. All should get on board now. People can get money back when return containers. Is an incentive. Also increases mney for people good if trolling for cans and bottles to return for cash too! Will save if pay for garbage pickup or dumping as less visits needed. Win, win!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Keep your old clothes don't want out of land fills by..

'Go Green! 'we promote a sustainable,healthy,ethical,socially conscious lifestyle causing the least harm to our planet,others. giving them to Planet Aid. Think goes to poor when drop unwanted clothes at Good Will? Think again. Many of what donate is sold for profit to textile companies. They in turn sell to 3rd world countries in bulk where American goods are in great demand like Africa. Jeans are big biz for instance. Also ripped clothes and scraps are refurbished into clothing too. Keeps out of land fills at least as most still goes there. Companies are churning out fast clothes now which is hard on environment.Read more

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Live Green...

'Go Green! 'we promote a sustainable,healthy,ethical,socially conscious lifestyle causing the least harm to our planet,others.

Go to my 'frugal' blog and watch this movie 'Pursuit of Happiness' with Will Smith for free fro youtube. Save the planet by using what's out there instead of buying a new dvd.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

returned bottles to store..

'Go Green! 'we promote a sustainable,healthy,ethical,socially conscious lifestyle causing the least harm to our planet,others.

when went last week so recycled and helped the planet and made 50 cents too. bring own bags too carried them in and reuse them. get 2 cents off on each one.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

It pays to live green!

'Go Green! 'we promote a sustainable,healthy,ethical,socially conscious lifestyle causing the least harm to our planet,others.

see link here to see what I mean. Yes if  you haul away other people's trash, you can get money for that stuff at your local dump. Yes for things like appliances which are metal and weigh a lot as paid for it by weight. Electronics is another as can go to eco atms and get cash for let's say cell phones or can be very kind and donate them overseas to our service men. learn more on how to make $$$ off of trash here.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Download music,videos instead of..

'Go Green!'

buying them and save the planet by not wasting materials and polluting landfills. Also best to email instead of mail,wear yard sale,thrift store finds instead of new,cheaper too.. Uh, what else?!? Make your own coffee instead of buying it out and using cups outside,use brita filtered water bottle and stop buying plastic containers out,filling up landfills filled to exhaustion already,compost your veggies and other organic waste instead of throwing in trash,along with your leaves,use your trimmed hedges for firewood,read the newspaper online instead of buying it,clip coupons online too by printing them,watch tv,use phone online,use free wifi so don't waste by having to install cable,phone lines. What am telling you is cheaper too so money save can go on vacation somewhere camping though,not in hotels. Use youth hostels or elder ones,stay at Y and student dorm rooms which are empty duriing the summer,peak travel,vacation time. Basically folks,use your har earned money wisely so can make a donation to a charity of choice,do something nice from your heart for someone in need or whatever. Capiche? Understand? Don't be like these nouveauriche,boughvois types see on Housewives shows who are new to money and waste it. Also don't act like them,always fighting,so unbecoming. Be kind,have a good attitude,be smart and an example to others,especially your children,and youth who are our future. Beauty is an inside job and if you have a terrible personality noone wants to be near you no matter how wealthy you are. Also wealth is relative as can live well on little if use your brain as I show you time and again.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dig up old glass bottles 4 earth day..

'Go Green!'

Did you know that  back in the old days like up til the 1950's, there were no garbage trucks and people used to bury their trash in their back yards in dumps just out of sight like in the woods.  In fact if you take a walk in the woods, you find several old dumps.  Ugh. I've been digging at some of these dumps,up some of the bottles and selling them for money so am helping clean up the earth as these bottles aren't smashed and glass isn't biodegradable. So what will you do for earth day?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Earth Day, again...

'Go Green!'

What have we learned, if anything? Are things any better for our planet and inevitably us who live on it?! Saw a documentary about this topic called 'Earth Days' on PBS. We have surprisingly been celebrating Earth day now for 40 years! I didn't know this. at first it started as a grassroots hippie phenomenon with the largest demonstration in NYC whcih brought thousands of interested people in 1970. With the Republican administrations things went south fast after Carter, for our planet whcih is not surprising as republicans have had a long history of bineg disinterested in our environment.

What are your thoughts? What will you do Thursday in honor of Earth Day? Last year I taught a class at the library and I attended a Green fair in Rhinebeck. I make beer bottle cap jewelry as you know and usually do a class. I ran a class at the nursing home in New Rochelle, Ny. My mom is currently in which is why have been scarce here, sorry. She has not been doing well. Prayers Welcomed and again, "Happy Earth Day All!". :) -Ann

Saturday, January 30, 2010

More upcycled Art,Jewelry Fashion with Tara St. james as..

'Go Green!'
she uses old zippers in her jewelry. how cool is that?! Also can see and read more on her at this page. Also includes a fashion show that is earth friendly.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Upcycling trend Spawns an Industry...

jewelry made from recycled materials at Etsy by Michelle
'Go Green!'
More and more people are going Green and are showing their concern for the planet and their wallets by buying products made from recycled materials such as what I do with beer bottle caps. I make earrings out of them. Others are joining this trend. You can read more on this in this article.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green Articles ..

'upcycled wearable art,jewelry from tuna fish cans'

Upcycled, art as it is now called, is all the rage. What is it? It is reusing old product such as in this case tuna cans to make accessories like earrings. For more articles on 'Green' news like this, go to link. 'Go Green!'

Friday, April 10, 2009

Trash house

Yeh you heard me right. Some people are making their homes from recycled material from dumps,dumpsters,recycling plants..Read more

my 'green art',earrings in honor of 'Earth day',april 22nd and the 'green fair' i am attending and the 'Green ART' class I am teaching at the local library in Hudson Valley, NY,Cairo on april 20th.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Arianna Huffington from Huffington press fame goes Green..

Yes Arianna is turning 'Green' too these days!
i WILL BE AT A 'gREEN fAIR' BEiNG HELD AT THE dUTCHESS cOUNTY faIR gROUNDS ON aPRIL 25TH AND 26TH. 'gREENINGREENE' LIKE GREEN IN gREeNE COUNtY WILL BE sharing a table with me although they are involved wtih turbine alternative Green energy but is good as is no competition for a 'Greenie' like me as i will be there with my 'Greene'Art made from bottle caps and reusable metal from tuna cans. yeh i make wearable art namely jewelry from it like see in pic. HOpe to see you there! If you are a green company and want to paricipate in this event, by sending me some literature about you and your 'green' company, by all means do! I will add it to my table. i plan on sharing the benfits of 'Green' cleaning products i use like 'Greenworks' by Clorox and even how to save big on bringing a drink from the frig. with you in an 'Ecocanteen' stainless steel bottle! 'Terrafurnishings' makes 'Green' furniture and i think i will get some literature on 'Green' homes like building with the solar energy and reusable wood in mind instead of tearing down trees in the forest. I will share on how i compost my cat litter as i use pine or cedar litter which is biodegreadable and the waste is thrown in a garbage pail that has a hole in the bottle and I throw 'Rid=ex septic fluid in it to eat it up! i will also get some peole fro the 'CSA' farm in Germantown to speak on farm to table produce instead of buying from your local super market. They even have milk from their goat and eggs from their chickens! They will be at the farmer's market this year. i will also se if i can get soem people or literature from'Buy Greene!' which is a campaign to buy in Green county Ny especially handmade product from artists and artisans. "go Green!" I will be teaching a class on 'Green Art' too around the 22nd of April,Earth Day, at the Cairo library.

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Michelle's jewelry
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My new beer bottle jewelry
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